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Turning immersive experience into business

An immersive experience is the ultimate tool for capturing prospects' attention.

People remember:

what they hear



What they read



What they experience



VivenTec Technology and Business suite is your ultimate tool for turning that attention into convertible leads and sales.

Tools and Features

Harness our technology and business suite to
Turn immersive experiences into a powerful sales and marketing tool.
Convert leads into business results.

Communication tools

  • Secured Pear to Pear communication
  • Calendar appointments
  • Chabot
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp, WebEx, Messenger
  • Email
  • Video conferencing
  • Video streaming

Lead Management Dashboard

  • GDPR compliance
  • Data Base Management tool
  • Interface to ERP systems
  • Export to CSV
  • Password protection (Optional)
  • 3rd party registration

Content Management Dashboard

  • Virtual builder
  • Upload automation
  • Upload management
  • Accepts morere than 20 content formats
  • Dynamic content upload

User Interface

  • Hyper-realistic 3D environments
  • immersive experience
  • Simple and intuitive avigation tools
  • Multilingual design
  • Multi-device responsive design

Exposure & Reports Dashboard

  • Proprietary SEO-OSP methodology
  • Extensive reports and metrics analysis
  • User behavior tracking and analytics
  • Multiple Search engines submission
  • Visible on 98% of organic search traffic

Special features

  • Live guided video tours
  • V-Commerce tools
  • Sponsors program
  • Graphic and/or 3D captured environments
  • Embedded as an “Iframe” in customer website (optional)
  • Private server storage (Optional)

About VivenTec

VivenTec brings together years of unique experience in digital transformations and Immersive experiences as well as long background in business to develop the industry’s most innovative true immersive virtual solution for hybrid and/or stand-alone events, V-Commerce, Enterprise Showrooms and E-training.
More and more trade shows, conferences and enterprises across the world are adopting technology and integrating virtual components to their traditional marketing tool case. Years of involvement in this particular market segment allowed us to develop a unique business philosophy driving the development of our solution and technology suite.

Thus , we at VivenTec developed our solution with tradeshow organizers, Enterprises and retailers in mind, allowing them, as well as their exhibitors and prospect customers to enjoy the benefits of “both” rather than “either”. The physical enhances the digital, and vice versa. VivenTec provides its customers and their prospects an option of embracing technology as an enhancement, to achieve their organizational goals and objectives by propelling their physical environments with the most advanced immersive technology.  Coupled with VivenTec’s unique OSP online promotion methodology, we turn immersive experience from a “marketing gadget” into a viable strong marketing tool, reaching more people, gathering valuable data. A great way to add value and improve ROI!

Business Solution01

Virtual and hybrid events

As more and more trade shows, conferences and other events across the world are adopting technology and integrating virtual components to their traditional events, virtual events have grown in popularity over the past decade. VivenTec tailors the most advanced immersive technology with its proprietary OSP online promotion methodology to create the industry most powerful marketing medium, an incredibly valuable solution for tradeshow organizers, their exhibitors and visitors.
Business Solution02


The rise of immersive technology is about to reshape the world of retail. The Holy Grail for online marketers is attracting customers to their store and maintain high conversion rate. This form of virtual visualization, an exact replica of a store or a fictitious environment, surrounded by VivnTec’s business enabling suite of tools is helping to achieve this goal, providing a new level of interaction for customers and gives consumers a new reason to visit your store.
Business Solution03

Virtual Business Environment

Virtual Business environment provide potential customers with the experience of being at a place without having to physically be there. Interactive virtual showrooms is an amazing way to educate and inform your customers about unique features of your product.  VivenTec allows you to take tours of any space or facility and interact with all kinds of objects ranging from a complete catalog of industrial machines to small tools or engineering processes. 
Business Solution04

Virtual Training

Immersive learning is learning in a simulated and controlled environment using computer-based technologies to create a productively engaging simulating environment for learning. VivenTec’s Immersive learning technology enhances productive engagement, learning speed, improving retention and hands-on experience.